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tv   [untitled]    December 8, 2013 6:30am-7:01am PST

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this. >> i want to say one last thing as a police commissioner you know everybody that's been in a shooting. it should be no surprise in the your new to the commission i think all we need to do is about notified of a occ and make a decision. there's no more authority noted than that, please call the next item >> review of recent activities. >> thank you, captain he walked out. >> thank you very much. director hicks >> good evening and members of the commission and members of the audience. the latter part of november the occ combaeblgd if activities by
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distributing brochures to the public. i have an article online and on the success of san francisco's model and attorney don salazar provided training for a berkley course. to i didn't discuss the pending investigations in light of the chiefs earlier comments of the valencia gardens incident and the youtube postings. i thought i would comment that the occ has an open case on this matter and that for occ investigators canvassed the neighborhood in late november
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and went to two of the streets where the incident happened at maxwell court and a canvassed every house on maxwell court by knocking on demeanors and leaving posters. the investigator in charge of the investigation is mary and she can be reached at the phone 415-7411. next week i will provide the commission with the november statistical report and finally, last week commissioner kingsley harassing asked me for failure to collect traffic stop maybe it wasn't commissioner kingsley at
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any case we looked at our data for 3 years and in those 3 years occ has sustained 4 officers for failure to collect traffic stop data. one office was sustained 3 times in 2011 and retire. another office was sustained twice and the 2013 adjudication by the cohesive is still preponderance of the evidence we filed that. a third officer was sustained 5 separate times and is before the police log commission and finally, there is a fourth officer who was sustained twice the first time the officer
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received counseling and the second time a written reprimand. it w it was in accumulation with the discipline statistics and a question about whether chief suhr comboeptd discipline that concludes my report >> we were talking about the hiring process any dates or approvals for f t e in that department you care to share. >> there's about that no movement and i've been told is that the it will be looked at during the next budget cycle therefore i'm unable to fill any positions at this time because
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of the structural deficit in the budget. it's not the result of over spending it's the formula that's used that discount the budget that's allocated for personnel. it has to do with having four attorneys with their salaries and the summation that they're at everyone is at mid point with having investigators who are very experienced in the soumgs their salaries are at mid point. that's the problem that i have it's not just the occ there are other departments but when you're a small department it's extremely problematic
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>> thank you. is there anything we can do? >> well - (laughter) the board of supervisors has the authority to amend the budget but also the - it is what it is my budget is what it is so - >> thank you. anything you further for director hicks. please call commission reports >> commission reports and commissioners president report. >> i had the privilege of watching part of the bad kid thing and it representative to me i know it represented the heart of the city and cohesive what we did for that little boy. we had a great celebration but
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nothing better than a kid who is beating cancer. i was with the officer driving behind the bat mobile the prisoners were dropping their brooms and cheering for bad kid it shows the heart and soul of the city. all the officers were working that day anyway. i want to thank the cohesive it blew up because of the social media and thank the chiefs son for designing the shirt. it making made a lot of money for the make a wish foundation. it was a great day and a sfpd was front and center. i got to take a picture the me
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with bat kid. commissioner kingsly. this last week, i had the privilege to observe a mediation an occ mediation don on a salazar r5i7b8gd it two meters paula johnson and attorney crystal-clear were the mediators on this it was held at the law office. i was grateful to the officers involved and the person who affiliated the climate in allowing me to observe their mediation. it was informative. i think it was conducted with the highest degree of proving.
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the mediators were very skillful. you know, un plaza like a lot of the mastectomies the attorneys around the table are very he centered around a particular resolution have a problem it's usually a monetary problem or business type of problem here it's a matter of having the citizen and the officer involved talk to each other and really listens to each other and the met quarts facilitated that in a skillful about how far way. the officer it was very clear the officer was listening very careful to what the complainant had to say and responded in a professional manner. and in both shared what was happening on that particular day
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in that particular incident. so just a report in and codify a testament to the professionalism to our occ department >> thank you, commissioner kingly, donna salazar runs a professional program and it is helpful to the complainant as well as to the officer. i liquor you had an opportunity to sit in on a mediation i was touched by the how the mediators are able to facilitate a conversation when the parties start out far apart and a at the particular mediation i observed the officer and the complaina ended up how each other's families were.
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i thought that was so much more meaningful than a complaint getting a not sustained or an officer not getting sustained and feeling frustrated. commissioner loft tuesday. >> i have the pleasure to moderate a panel so i want to thank the cohesive for sending the finest prosecutors now he heads up you tell marshall could i from the district attorney's office. and doctor from the commission on the status of women and the school board and supervisor bonding breed joined us. some of the women talked about
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the concerned about feeling safe on muni and some of the things on people being only murn he know we having had the homicide on the train. we need to look for each other. and in particular people who are more vulnerable than us. this is the beginning of a policy lab they're going to be thinking about policy idea and i encourage them to bring their policies to us. one thing that was a robust conversation was human trafficking in the city the feeling in particular, the status on women has hired a story lawyer on the other hand, around advocate for women. she does love work with human trafficking. i think it was a year ago this
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week we had our joint commission on the status of women and the police commission. so it's my recommendation that and really request that we consider having a joint commission meeting again with the focus on the city's response to human trafficking. it's a trafficking thing in the month of january. there's a incredible thing as modern day slavery to destroy someone's life it's much more difficult to get someone to testify against their assail last night. i would love for us to get
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together and have that conversation in one place. that's my report and request >> thank you inspector monroe. >> commission announcements and agenda for future meeting. >> our next meeting is at city hall on wednesday. after that it covers the christmas and a holiday it won't be for january 8th and then on the 8 we'll have a joint supervisors meeting regarding bicycle and safety. thank you, commissioner kingsly. we're at the agenda item we're talking about other meeting agenda items and chief did you
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want to address the we had calendar for tonight the capital budget and the department had initialing said it was a go and we're up are inform the both the department and the occ operating policies and plans for next week. so what will work in terms of the capital budget? >> i can get with the director and found out i know we have a new scheduled. >> great okay. thank you. and so inspector and cohesive will it work doing both the capital budget report budget next week as well as the scheduled operating budget plans >> i hope so. >> okay. thank you. >> the joint commissioner
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meeting is a thursday and what time. >> 2:00 p.m. >> i'm sorry 2:00 p.m. >> 2:00 p.m., two to four. >> i was the supervisor consulted about scheduling i said that we work during the day and 2:00 p.m. will not work. >> i can call the clerk's office to get it schedule for a later time. >> i think the issue it's the actual public safety committee and that's when we meeting meet you understood we also asked them could they schedule that in the evening.
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>> we have something to iron out here. >> yes. please call and i'll speak to you about that tomorrow. >> commissioner loft tuesday. >> i was hoping to have something in december along the lines of increased staffing report on the sgsz and if there's been any movement open citations. the idea i wanted to concluded that conversation >> i can get the newest data. >> okay. great so if that can be clarld or calendar for the eight so we can see the process. because the enforcement is going to be an issue. the other thing i want to
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address i understand we might be ready we can hold agenda to start the officer involved d go for the 11. we probably need to - inspector monroe or anyone >> we can try to calendar that i'll talk to rachel she should be rode shoel be rode then. >> i'll call them tomorrow for confirmation. >> and then the last thing and we maybe in terms we'll be able to do that in the joint evening. >> thank you for reminding me about the traffic ideas.
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>> public comment and you'll matters proirn to item 5 below oh, wait this is public comment. >> any public comment regarding items 2 abc or d. >> commissioner loft to say with an saying about the unsolved homicides. i know that last time the chief suhr was to check the unsolved homicides it's been a couple of commissioners commissions ago. i'm bringing it up back again, i was wondering you know why would it done before and - >> i apologize if you believed it was supposed to be sooner but
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i'll definitely have it the last 10 years by zip code. >> will i be notified about anything about that my son was involved in a homicide. >> right. >> i was showing the pictures of other people those mothers have asked me to show those homicides those mothers are hurting we've got a circle of people who have lost their children to homicide. last week we were talking about seasons for sharing if anyone can donate cities for the children that are left behind. i've asked this before but i'm asking them now can they donate
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toys we've got one hundred and 50 kids in the killer. we need to catch the children now before the crimes start catch them while their young that's good but those kids have to go back home to the parents involve their families also. just don't do the children because those kids have to go back home and live the alive of their brother or sister being murdered. so that's all i want to say and if you can donate some toys i'll appreciate it. last year, we have toys for to the >> thank you, ms. brown.
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>> hi, commissioners i didn't mean to many many way shape or form it's wonderful how san francisco, california come together i blame the mayor more than anyone else. just kidding. as far as the metals of valueors i'm wondering what the commission actually approvals it's been vested by police department that's their process and metals that i think it the missing link. if i was a new commissioner coming in i would think the same thing waiting to award somebody for a heroic action that was determined by a supervisor and a waiting for somebody to foil they also do i don't know.
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maybe and they're given within 60 days there's not a lot of times for the commission to look at it i mean, it was coming in after it was awarded equally you'll have to address a potential issue if it is determined so. but stopping the process just i know changing a policy its been my experience that sometimes rush is better or a new commissioner comes on board and they sigh this is a mentoring thing. as far as the additional fund for the occ maybe our meeting with the supervisors there can be an additional supplemental
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budget there's a charter for over one hundred and 50 officers is this due to a shortage of investigators it's important to have the occ fully staffed so getting maybe the commission bringing it up you do have oversight on the occ and the budget to come up with the fund to get that reorganized so that it allows for that charter mandate would be appreciated so that my case can be addressed. thank you. thank you very much. >> public comment is closed please call item 3. >> closed session including on
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to whether or not to hold item 5 in closed session. >> any comment on litigation for closed session. please call the next item >> do i have a motion. thank you ladies and gentlemen, we're now going to movesession. >> we're going back in open session and we have a quorum. >> okay do i have a vote to whether or not to disclose any of the discussion items that we had in closed session and a move not to discolor. >> all in favor, say i. opposed?
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next item mr. secretary. >> is there any public comment on item 6? hearing in public comment public comment is closed is next item on the agenda. item 7 is adjournment >> do i have a motion for adjournment. move to adjourn and before we adjourn i'd like to say state as our commissioner brought up the this meeting is being adjourned in honor of officer michael howard star 1813 started with the san francisco dependent on 18995 and worked at several stations. er he was awarded several
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citations. after two brave bouts with cancer he passed away on november this or that and this commission is adjourned in his honor. thank you >> you get to comment after. >> this commission is now adjourned.
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>> this is the meeting of the commission on the environment today it tuesday december 3rd it is 5:15 p.m. please turn off our cell phones the first item is call to order and roll call >> sxhoigz. sxhoiven. sxhois. commissioner wan. next item is introduction by commission jim glover what and welcoming right arms this is a discussion item. thank you monica i know w